July House filk

What:  Seattle Area House Filk!
Where: JT's house in Lynnwood/Everett
When:  Saturday, July 21, 1PM until we stop (need to be quieter after about 9PM)
Why: to sing and filk of course!

I will have some beverages on hand, and will probably do the 'order some pizza' deal for dinner.  If people wish to bring food and or beverages that is fine.   Please if you do bring foods, make sure they are labelled to help people who have allergies avoid things that are bad for them.

As of now there are no pets in the house.  However, I am anticipating that changing, though I don't know if it will have changed before the house filk.  If it does change, there will be 2 cats in the house.

Please RSVP to me via email at jtraub at dragoncat dot net in order to let me know you are planning on showing up, and so I can give you directions.  I now live in Lynnwood/Everett so if you had previous directions from me they won't work!  Also, Google and the other map companies don't have my new location in their map database yet, so you cannot find me via them!  You MUST RSVP to get directions.

 Please do bring extra seating if you have it.  I have some seating, but more would be helpful.

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PSA: Pet food recall

Thanks to technoshaman, omahas, and elfs for pointing this out.

Apparently Menu Foods, one of the largest pet food manufacturer contractors which provides foods for a wide range of brands, including Nutro, Eukanuba, and Iams has issued a recall on a wide selection of their wet/moist food products.

The AP story about this has a link to the Menu Foods site where you can see what brands/product codes have been issued under the recall.

Please pass this along to folks you know with pets so that they are aware.

In Memoriam: Belle

Today, at just after 5 PM, Belle passed away, after being put to sleep at the vet’s office.

She has been slowly becoming sicker over the past couple of weeks, losing weight and muscle mass. Over the past weekend, she began refusing food and the medicine which she needed and told us it was time for us to let her go.

We had our sweet Belle for 14 of her 16 years, after rescuing her from death-row in the Pittsburgh pound. We loved her deeply, and will miss her greatly.

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Movie: Sun Jul 23 - Lady in the Water

The movie this Sunday will be M. Night Shyamalan’s new flick, “Lady in the Water”.

We’ll be seeing it at the Lincoln Square Cinema at 12:45 pm.

Look forward to seeing folks there!
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Play Hooky Day!

Melissa has posted the information about the 5th Annual Play Hooky day in the seattlecats journal, at this location.

We’ve been doing this event for 5 years and it’s been a blast each and every year. Please take a moment to read the information and then reply to the post in the seattlecats journal (or the equivalent post in tabbifli‘s journal, here). She will only be taking RSVP’s from those two journals, so do *not* reply here, but go reply in one of those two if you wish to be counted!

Looking forward to seeing folks there!
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Birthday Gathering for me

The following is cut/pasted from Melissa’s (tabbifli) journal.


JT (kendaer) has a birthday on June 30. On July 2nd, after the movie (Superman Returns, details will be posted on seattlecats as usual) we’re having a get together at our place. There will be food (grilled meat, fruit, some miscellaneous veggies) and non-alcoholic beverages provided.

If I can find a way to heat the pool, that’ll get set up, too. I’m not holding my breath, though - a web search didn’t turn up anything helpful, and the solar cover is really not sufficient.

The movie will be up in Lynnwood, about 11:30. The get-together will be back at our place in Kirkland afterward, so probably around 2 (depending on how long the movie runs and the time of the actual start). There’s street parking available. For directions to our house, please email tabbifli AT livejournal DOT com.

If you think you’ll make it, please let us know (post, IM, email, call, say in person - whatever!). We’d rather not run out of food :) (Those of you who know me know that’s really not a joke).

Oh, yeah. He’ll be 38.
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