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The Dragon's Mortal Morsel
I don't bite... much
Sum of all fears
So, went to see this last night with jenkitty and technoshaman and Alex and Dan and skydancer (another poly friend). It was a very cool movie and definately one I'm going to pick up on DVD as soon as it's available. Unusually, I didn't actually discover any broad gaping plot holes in the movie. I do understand why folks complain that 'it is not the book' but at the same time, people need to judge each work on it's own merits. Both in this case hold up. I've seen movies where the movie was killer and the book sucked and I've seen movies that sucked where the book was awesome. Sometimes things just work, or the creative talents employed on one side or the other are just phenomenol (or terrible depending). Guess I'll just keep watching movies about books and reading books based on movies and enjoying both for what they are :)

Ah well.. back to hacking work-code.. this interlude brought to you by the fact that my code is not behaving currently and I needed to think about something else for a few minutes :)

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