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July House filk

What:  Seattle Area House Filk!
Where: JT's house in Lynnwood/Everett
When:  Saturday, July 21, 1PM until we stop (need to be quieter after about 9PM)
Why: to sing and filk of course!

I will have some beverages on hand, and will probably do the 'order some pizza' deal for dinner.  If people wish to bring food and or beverages that is fine.   Please if you do bring foods, make sure they are labelled to help people who have allergies avoid things that are bad for them.

As of now there are no pets in the house.  However, I am anticipating that changing, though I don't know if it will have changed before the house filk.  If it does change, there will be 2 cats in the house.

Please RSVP to me via email at jtraub at dragoncat dot net in order to let me know you are planning on showing up, and so I can give you directions.  I now live in Lynnwood/Everett so if you had previous directions from me they won't work!  Also, Google and the other map companies don't have my new location in their map database yet, so you cannot find me via them!  You MUST RSVP to get directions.

 Please do bring extra seating if you have it.  I have some seating, but more would be helpful.

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