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Seattle Housefilk: Two week reminder

X-posted to filk and seattlecats

The housefilk at my place on February 18th is only two weeks away.

If you have not yet RSVP’d to let me know you’ll be there, please do so now so I have a count for food. As of now, I have about 12 people who have said they will make it.

Directions to my house are available via email.

The housefilk will run from 1 PM until ~9 PM at night (one of my housemates is a morning bird rather than a night owl). We do have 4 cats who live in the house, and while I’ll endeavour to keep them out of the active filking space, if anyone is allergic they should be aware.

Please do not bring food items since one of the people in the house is *severely* allergic to nut oils and other substances. Food and drink will be provided, so if there are any dietary restrictions or drink preferences among those attending, please let me know when you RSVP.

If you will need crash space and have not made arrangements with runnerwolf then please let me know and she will contact you for making arrangements.

Looking forward to seeing folks then!
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