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Upcoming house-filk!

x-posted to filk and seattlecats

I will be hosting a house-filk at my house in Kirkland, WA on February 25th.

The house-filk will run from 1 PM until ~9PM (due to one of the members of the household being a morning bird rather than a night owl and wanting to get to sleep early :))

The house is occupied by 4 cats in addition to the humans, but we do our best to keep the allergens down.

runnerwolf, who hosted December’s house-filk, has graciously offered to provide sleeping accomodations for those who need crash space. Her house is a cat-free area. Unfortunately, I’m not able to provide crash-space at my place currently.

Please let me know if you plan on attending so that I can make sure I know how many people are going to show up and so that I can provide directions to my house. If you will need crash space, please mention that as well so that I can make sure runnerwolf knows and so that she can arrange specifics with you.

Knowing in advance will also allow me to set up lunch and dinner and anything else necessary. This will not be a pot-luck as one of the people in the house has a severe nut allergy, and even things with a minor amount of nuts can release oils into the air which will cause problems.

Hope to see folks then.
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