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Not really a political rant

I'm posting this just so that it gets a bit more exposure as I have friends who read my journal who don't read those of some of my other friends and I think this is an important topic.

I am saddened, much like other people, due to the way the election turned out. I am saddened, much like other people, that the initial reactions I've heard from both sides have been to step up the extremism even further.

My wife Melissa (tabbifli), posted something here that pretty much covers how I feel as well.

I think that there needs to be a more moderate choice than either of the two extremes. I've had friends whom I've had to argue with that just because I'm a Democrat by choice doesn't mean I believe in a socialist state or (as the Republicans have painted it), 'tax and spend liberalism'. I believe in government enough to get the jobs that need doing done and no more. I believe in spending what needs to be spent to do those jobs correctly, tempered by a desire for fiscal responsibility. I don't fit either party. I also don't fit any of the third parties because all of them have philosophies that are either too narrow to address the diversity of the world, or rely on human nature being other than what it is. Hopefully there will be enough people who think and feel similarly, that there needs to be a moderate and centrist position, that something can be done over the next while.

Please go read what Melissa wrote and contribute your thoughts and comments. Thanks.

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