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Warning: Addiction Danger ahead

So, every once in a while I feel the need to share my current net addictions with folks in hopes of garnerning more cool people hanging out in the same cool places I do :)

So, with that said:

First and foremost my current net addiction is still Legend of the Green Dragon Myself and Eric are working toward release 0.9.8 and there are many many changes to the underlying code even if the user-visible game still looks mostly the same. This will (once we get done with this) make additional content *so* much easier to add it's not even funny. Now granted, this is an addiction of coding not playing, but I think it's a fun enough game to spend my time working on, so :) On my own server (the one listed), I'm Moonchilde, on the central server (Eric's, lotgd.net) I'm Kendaer.

Next is Sleuth. This is a deductive reasoning game based on a sort of film noir premise. It's free to play, but registering gets you some benefits (like access to detective agencies, more cases per day, etc). I'm now co-running an Agency there (Green Dragon Detectives) made up primarily of folks for LoGD (see above :)) whom I got addicted to Sleuth as well. We still have a few spots open in our agency too :). In keeping with the 'feel' of the game, I am 'Ken Daire' here.

Then there is Kingdom of Loathing. This is a pretty fun game in the basic style of LoGD (wander around, do things with a limited number of turns, wait till next day to do more :)) but it has some pretty fun quirks of humor which show that the devs had fun with it. Definately gives me some ideas of things that could be done with LoGD in the future too. I heard about this from the mates of Silver Dawn (see below) who have formed a small clan there as well (Salisbury Dawn). My character here is 'Moonchilde'

There is still Puzzle Pirates. It's less addicting to me than before, mainly because I dislike some of the directions the Devs have taken the game. It used to be quite friendly and community oriented. Due to the way the devs did some stuff, it shifted for a while (is still shifting imho) toward a more combative game so it lost some interest for me. However, it's still home to some wonderful friend in the flag Silver Dawn which is where the crews which used to comprise All But Malice ended up. It's still worth my time enough to check in now and again there even if I don't play as often as I used to. My characters here are Moonchilde (my primary character), Galilee (my alt which is used for blockade work) and Corwin (the alt which used to be in the Amberites crew in All But Malice, but now is in the All But Malice memorial crew)

I also still play at Robo Runner as well. This is an online game akin to the board game Robo-Rally in feel. Again, I don't play as often as I used to, but I am usually in one or two games. This is the only game where I have a name unlike most of my others. On this one, I am 'Raucus'.

If you do end up in any of those games, let me know.. It's not usually hard to find/figure out who I am in a given place, but I've listed my characters above for reference. Drop me a line here or in those games and if I can, I'll help you out or point you at info or whatever if you need.

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