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Power, Power, who has my power

So, at least as of now the power in my house has been down for about 21 hours and 58 minutes. Why 21:58?
Because the power decided to come back on for two whole minutes this morning at 7:23 but obviously got scared by the whole thing and fled again at 7:25.
So, if you are looking for me (or Alex or Melissa) today, I apologize but I’m online from work, which means not being able to keep up on all my email and such. It *should* all be spooled however and show up as soon as the computers are back online.

However, all is not lost, at least. I can still be amused by the irony of the universe are reported on Yahoo’s Strange News.

I offer Man to Be Spokesman for Co. He Stole From. Now, the story headline is ironic (or at least amusing enough). However, the name of the perpetrator is just too good to be true. Maybe he can get his friend Mr. Dewey to represent him, or perhaps Mr. Howe.

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