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I don't need a Yenta

Been a while since I’ve written much of anything, even another quiz result, so I might as well post the results of that LJ Match Compatability quiz

melinika 68%
jenkitty 68%
vraptorz 66%
taxqueen 65%
mokie_sassafras 65%
byrdie 64%
javagoth 57%
aladriana 53%
ladysea 52%
mnfiddledragon 52%
wolfieboy 51%
shadesong 47%
secanth 47%
elphie 44%
telynor 43%
songwind 42%
angilong 41%
laureth 38%
aekajin2 37%
rho 36%
happypete 36%
elfs 35%
tinkernoonoo 34%
proemial 28%
lisakit 25%
elfric 21%
penguinboi 21%
blackavar 18%
raevnos 14%
wolfshaman 14%
dglenn 10%
gryndyl 8%
smarier 5%
How sexually compatible with me are you?
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