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Courtesy of ladysea:
1) How did you, Tabbifli, and Talek meet and become a family?

I'll answer this below when I answer Lisakit's similar question :)

2) When do you all plan on starting your family? I know it is in the stages of planning, but do you have an estimated time to start?

We're starting this year, probably around August.

3) What is the best & worst thing about where you live?

Hmmm. Best would have to be the environment. Lots of trees. Lots of water. Lots of mountains. Decently liberal and accepting population. Worst would have to be the transportation system (both roads and busses).

4) What is the hardest thing you have had to come to accept in a poly relationship?

I think I'm somewhat unusual in that I've never really had jealousy issues or what not related to poly. I have the occasional twinge of envy, but I usually deal with it and let the folks involved know what's going on and it gets handled.

5) If you could change any physical aspect of yourself, how would you change it and why?

Just one thing? LOL :) Seriously, of all the things I would change I think that I would change my propensity toward weight gain. I'm pretty happy with my looks though I have never really considered myself handsome (I don't think I'm ugly or anything either). I'm reasonably happy with my strength and for all my occasional complaints about my acne or my back, both of those are pretty minor (and have been getting better).

Courtesy of lisakit:
1) OK, I've given you one wish. What do you wish for?

To have enough for myself and my family and enough left over to share with those friends of mine who are in need.

2) What are your dreams?

Having the children that we are planning. Living my life in the company of those I love.

3) How did you and each of your spice meet?

tabbifli and I met on a medium called IRC over 13 years ago, after being introduced by another friend traveller_blues. We spent lots of time talking, both online and then on the phone. I also asked her to move out, live with me and marry me, which she said yes to (obviously ;)). Three years later we were married, just after graduation.

talek and I met when we both volunteered to do some online consulting for someone. He and I had both worked on MUD servers in the past and that was the experience related to the contracting. He and I started talking and discovered we had a lot of similarities. I invited him onto the private chat MUSH which tabbifli maintained and eventually she and he started talking as well.

From there it progressed to talek visiting us up here regularly, and then eventually (about 3 years ago) moving up here, and then last summer having a commitment ceremony to acknowledge what we had with each other.

4) What would your dream house look like?

Haven't you seen the plans :) Seriously, it would have enough room for all of us (myself, Melissa, Alex, and the children as well as guests), it would have a T1 (or better :)) network line in. It would be on a large enough plot of land so that it was private, but abutt land owned by those I care deeply about so that I was surrounded by chosen family. It would definately have a hot tub, a pool and a large outdoor ritual area :)

5) Who (whether family or otherwise) has influenced you the most? How and why?

Quite a few of my teachers over time have had lasting impacts on me and how I live my life. So have friends and family (both blood and chosen). However, one person, Mrs. Abram, stands out in my mind. She was one of my ninth grade teachers and suffered from MS. However, she was still there, be it in her wheelchair/scooter or on her crutches. She had a passion for writing and for literature and for teaching and she conveyed that passion to myself and other students in her class. She also took the time to see what was going on in the lives of her students and would do things to let them know that they could get past whatever was going on, just like she wouldn't let the MS control her life.

So, who would like questions from me? Let me know below

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