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Thoughts from O'Sensei

Tonight at the dojo was a ritual Sensei does apparently every year. She sets an intention for the dojo, and asks each of the people in the dojo who come to write down an intention or intentions for the year and put them in a jar which will sit on the shomen all year. On solstice, she will burn them.

I ended up writing down 4 intentions. Sensei then started talking a bit about her spirituality and her study of sacred geometry and Aikido. She ended up talking about 4 dimensions of the body. As she was describing them, I realized that each of my intentions mapped onto one of the dimensions she was talking about, which was kinda 'wow'. I told her about this afterwards, and she also thought this was kind of neat.

She also read something which O'Sensei had written which has been rattling around in my head for the last bit.

He wrote (and I'm probably going to paraphrase at least part of this) ... "Noone can give you Aikido. It comes from your own spirit. Do not forget that what you experience and what happens to you are the same thing." Much like Jen has been feeling recently at church, I was quite aware of the deitic 2x4 hovering over my backside...

This actually happened a few times during this class, and once again, like when Ikeda Sensei was here in November, I am left with the feeling that there is something along this journey that I *need*, and that it's a journey that I'm going to be walking for many many years. This is a GOOD thing.

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