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Poll lemming - The Dragon's Mortal Morsel
I don't bite... much
Poll lemming
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cainadai From: cainadai Date: December 17th, 2002 11:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
01. when did we meet? - Um. A while ago? Can't recall, exactly...
02. how did we meet? - Online!
03. have we ever met in person? - That whole week is such a blur... ;)
04. have we ever talked on the phone? - Hmmm.. nope. But I've been in the same room as someone talking on the phone to you. Does that count? :)
05. have you ever seen me cry? - I don't _think_ so.
06. have you ever seen me dance? - Yes!
07. describe me using three or less words. - Flirty, gregarious, generous.
08. if you could spend a day with me, what would we do? - I dunno if I could do a whole day. You'd wear me out!
09. have we ever gotten in a fight? - Nope.
10. have you ever dreamt of me? - I can't recall.
11. if you could give me a present, what would it be? - A joybuzzer. You know, one of those things to hide in your palm that give people a jolt? You'd have a blast.
12. would you hug me? - Absolutely.
13. would you kiss me? - Ew! Dragon germs! ;)
14. what do you REALLY think of me? - See the 'three little words' above, and add 'energetic, loving, expressive, flamboyant (in a good way!), creative, funny and empathetic'. To name a few. :)
15. do you trust me? - You betcha.
16. do you know something about me that no one else knows? - Probably not.
17. do you even know how old I am? - No clue, and I'm not going to cheat by looking at your LJ profile!
18. anything you wanted to tell me but never got a chance to? - JT, hon, whatever happens... just be you. The rest will all fall into place.
9 comments or Leave a comment