February 2nd, 2009


Oh My God! An Entry!

I’m not known for posting much, but I’m gonna try to occasionally change that :)

This last weekend was ... fabulous, wonderful and all sorts of awesome since I was Conflikt 2. I cannot even find the words to say how much fun I had, seeing old friends and new as well as hearing new songs and old. Being on the concom meant I missed out on a couple of things that I’d wished to get to but such is the life :) I still am running on the con-high.

Rick (our con chair) said that anything which happens twice is a tradition. Apparently I’m starting my own tradition of writing a song at or after each Conflikt. Both of them are just lyrics at this point, and I will be trying to get them to have melody and music at some point (hopefully with the help of some of my friends who are better at it than I am). Since I never posted the one from Conflikt 1, I’ll put it below too followed by the one written this weekend.

Any comments (either compliments or critiques) will be greatfully accepted.

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