August 27th, 2003


For my chocoholic friends

So when jenkitty and I were up camping this past weekend, we went into Leavenworth for a bit of the day on Saturday.

While there we wandered into a nice little candy/truffle/chocolate (imported swiss) shop called Sweet Dreams.

In their case they had a bunch of chocolate bars from the choclatier Teuscher. The most interesting of this was that they had 88% and 99% cocoa mass dark chocolate bars.

While we didn’t pick any of them up, I know that at least a couple of folks on my friends list will be interested, and so....

Sweet Dreams
Obertal Mall, Suite D
220 Ninth Street
Leavenworth, WA 98826

They also give a web address of but it appears to not work, so I’d suggest calling them and seeing if they can ship if you want to acquire any of this chocolaty goodness. I tried an irish whiskey truffle which was fabulous and Jen already commented on the jasmine truffle she had (also fabulous).

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