August 25th, 2003


A *real* labor day party!

Well, a labor party at any rate.

The pond in our back yard has managed to fill in with silt and stuff over the past 30 years since it was originally dug, to the point where the pond has started to dry up.

After talking with the Kirkland city folks (since we border protected wetlands) we are allowed to dig out the pond and restore waterflow through it.

Anyone who would like to come help shovel, etc is welcome to show up this Sunday at 1:00 PM. We'll feed folks who do show up dinner (lunch is your own affair).

If you have a shovel, bring it. If you plan on being down in the pond, we STRONGLY recommend hip-wader boots (or the equivalent!). There will be stuff to do outside of the pond (such as spreading the quite fertile dirt we pull out of the pond around dying areas of the yard, so if you don't have boots we can still use your help).

Let me know here (or via email) if you'll be showing up! Hope to see some of you then!
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