May 26th, 2003


Tabbi's 33 1/3rd party

Cross-posted from tabbifli. Cross-posted because I have a much larger audience, and we'd really like people to show up and have fun :)

Anyway, on to the announcment:

When: June 7th, 2pm

Where: The house of tabbifli, kendaer, and talek.

Why: It's Melissa's 33 1/3 birthday! And we feel silly.

Who's Invited: Everybody we know!

We'll provide: Hotdogs, hamburgers, veggieburgers and chicken breasts. Also potato salad, green salad, and whatever Melissa feels like making in the way of a variety of desserts.

You bring: Yourself. Music (our selection is odd - but also bring a list of what you brought!). Junk foods if you want to share. (WARNING: Do not bring ANYTHING with true nuts or coconut. Peanuts are okay.)

We prefer RSVP of some variety, so we can be prepared with enough food!

The yard is kid-friendly, although we do have a pond* - if you have a child, you need to make sure the small one doesn't fall in or try to get in to play. I'd appreciate notice if you bring kids, so I can make the house a little more kid-friendly.

The house has cats. They will be locked downstairs. The upstairs we'll try and de-fur as much as possible - but we're hoping the day is nice so most people can be outside. There's only room to dance outside!

Directions are available to those that need them.

Come and play!

* Actually, the pond is an oversized mudpuddle, but we're working on it.
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