November 15th, 2002


On meeting Ikeda-sensei

Tonight was the first night of Ikeda-Sensei's seminar at Northshore Aikido, and was my first chance to meet him. I've heard a bit about him here and there from other people, and they've always spoken of him in glowing terms.

Tonight I found out why. The man... exudes ... 'rightness' and a presence that is undeniable and at the same time, kindness and patience.

I'm not one for 'hero worship', but ... damn. It like meeting someone and going 'I want to be *that* way about things'. I want to be that centered, that patient, that ... deep.

I learned more, and think I worked harder, even though the mat was more crowded and there were more explanation times, than I think I have at just about any other time I've gone to Aikido.

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