August 1st, 2002


Kitty up a tree!

Walking through Marymoor tonight with jenkitty was a nice fun way to spend our date.

We walked over by the climbing wall (I didn't know they had one in Marymoor, cool!) and than walked around the outskirts of the park and finally ended up over by the swings and the playground near the vollyball net in the middle.

After swinging for a bit we start to head back toward the car and Jen spies a tree that just calls out to be climbed. I climb up into the crook of it and then (with a bit of a jump :) get back down. Jen, having watched where I put my feet manages to get up into the tree and then... looks a lot like a treed cat when she tries to get down :) Fortunately I'm pretty good at getting kitties out of trees and we get her down safely, having a nice laugh together in the process :)

Ahh the fun of summer (and the love of kitties :)
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