May 30th, 2002


Ahhh beautiful weather

Tonight was one of the nicest dates Jen and I've had in a while. We always have nice dates, but it's been a long cold-ish winter, and tonight was the first date night where we were able to go out walking around Greenlake. Ahhh nice (albeit still a bit chilly) air and sunshine and a stop for icecream at the Mix halfway around.. That is heaven I tell ya.
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Relationship IQ

Thanks to angilong for the link. I don't often take emode tests (or any of the other quizzes), but some of the pique my interest like this one did (I have taken other emode tests in the past though, which made me more willing for this one.)

And the results are --
JT, your Relationship IQ is 130.
Your test results tell us that your greatest relationship strength is expressing your intimate feelings while your weakest is .

I'm assuming that the test is just buggy and doesn't print anything useful if you showed no strong negative tendancy on the test.
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